4 CTFC experts travel to Tunisia to perform the initial meeting of the EuropeAid project recently approved for the management and improvement of the National Park Bou-Hedma and its outlying areas, 5-9 September

Description of the trip

David Solano, Odile Koua, Gerard Bota and Pere Casals travelled to Tunisia from 5 to 9 September to conduct the initial meeting of the recently approved EuropeAid project for the management and improvement of the National Park Bou-Hedma and its outlying areas.

During the trip were several meetings with the project manager of the EU Delegation to Tunisia, the director of the Inrgref and his team, the Director of the Banque Nationale des Genes, with the General Commissioner of Ministry of Agriculture (DGPA) in the Sidi Bouzid region, with the Chef in charge of District-Bou Hedma, with officials from the Ministry of Environment, and the curator of the park.

Besides promoting the project and discussions with the responsible authorities and stakeholders, they also visited the park and attended an initial meeting for project organization between the two project teams.

Description of the project

Project title:
“Contribution à la mise au point d’un Modèle Intégré d’Amélioration, d’Aménagement et de Gestion Agro-sylvo-pastoraux compatibles avec les Objectifs de Conservation et orienté vers les communautés vulnérables des zones périphériques du Parc National de Bou-Hedma”, Tunísia. Unió Europea (EuropeAid)

Global objective:
Develop models of consensual development and integrated and sustainable management of agro-silvopastoril resources compatible with the conservation objectives of the protected areas while seeking to improve the living conditions of the outlying communities of the park. Through a participatory approach, to identify their real problems, formulate appropriate proposals and discern feasible solutions while incorporating disadvantaged populations (women, youth …) activities and strengthen economic development initiatives emerging these vulnerable areas and bodies concerned.

Specific objectives:
• Contribution to the preparation of a Development Plan, sustainable management and improvement of agro-forestry-pastoral Nacioanl Park Bou-Hedma.
• Creating profitable businesses in order to increase income communities and the integration of women and youth in these activities.
• Strengthening the organizational capacity and dialogue of GDA (Agricultural Development Group) premises.
• Capacity building and technology transfer solutions to agricultural research towards the Tunisian rural beneficiaries
• Capacity development and coordination of public authorities in dialogue with stakeholders in protected areas and local populations

Partners: Institut National de Recherche en Génie Rural, Eaux et Forêts – INRGREF

Funded by the European Commission – Development and Cooperation (EuropeAid)

Duration: 1/07/2012 – 30/06/2015

Who intervenes of the Ctfc: International Cooperation Directorate, Biodiversity and Animal Conservation Lab, Ecology and Management of Silvopastoral Systems

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